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Keeping You Inspired During Dark Times.

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What Will TPSH Mean To You?
Less Pain

 Discover Ways to Learn What You Truly Want From Life & How to Manifest It. You'll Strengthen Your Emotional Intelligence, Talents and Learn to  Protect Yourself From Negativity, Self-Doubt and Manipulation. Truly Escape Inner Torment, Become Respectable and Feel Proud of Yourself.

More Support

Every Human Needs Companionship and Guidance and To Feel Accepted & Useful. We'll show you how to better the relationships in your life and find new connections! But First We're Going To Show You How To Value Your Independence & Selflessly Love Yourself Before All.


Once you fully develop your personal boundaries, skills and self-awareness it will trigger a freedom and desire to enjoy yourself again! Aligning you with the full benefit of universal laws! Become confident, become unbreakable and create limitless prosperity, happiness and abundance. 

TPSH's Success Stories

"I feel so much better now. Thanks for putting me on spiritual check."

"Thank you for being there for a broken friend."

"You were a light in my darkest times, you helped bring me out of there."

"You've really made my life more positive even when I don't see the positivity in myself."

Jacqueline Hoyos
Intuitive Healer
Sused Zamudio
Full Time Student
Mary Harris
Telepathic Empath
Ashley Aviles
Teachers Assistant

Dedicated to those who have not lost sight of their humane purpose on earth despite what position they are in life or harm that has came there way. TPSH firmly believes credit should be given where credit is due so we are honored to present to you your local superheroes


Take back your life! We Bring you the most intuitive tools & assessments to teach yourself how to make your dreams a reality. Step 1. Learn yourself & your triggers Step 2. Learn whats stopping you from succeeding Step 3. Enforce your boundaries Step 4. Set goals. Step 5. Start building your future


Fueled for the community by the community be the one that starts a chapter in your neighborhood! From youth activities & fundraising events to block parties and movie nights. There's many ways to get involved in improving where you live.


For every action there is a consequence. These are the corrupt people and operations who have rejected their humanity, integrity and compassion & have inflicted pain on the lives of others for their own capitalistic or personal gain.

Pain is inevitable, Suffering is optional.

What Will You Learn?
  • Why You Don't Do What You Love

  • What Your Strengths & Weaknesses Are

  • How To Make Your Dreams A Reality

  • How To Make Universal Laws Work For You

  • How To Deprogram Your Mind From Limiting Thoughts & Beliefs

  • How To Protect Yourself From Manipulative & Negative People 

  • Who You Truly Are

Who Do We Help?
  • Children of Alcoholic/ Drug Addicted Parents

  • Youth Exposed To Gang Activity

  • Children of Abusive Parents  

  • Neglected Children of Overworked Parents

  • Bullied/Harassed Youth

  • Victims of Sexual Assault

  • Trafficking Victims 

  • The Homeless/Hungry

  • Unemployed Spouses of Unfaithful Partners

  • Witnesses of Horrific Crimes

  • + Many More

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