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"We Challenge You To Conquer Your Past So You Can Focus on Creating a Better Future." 



TPSH believes every human being is born for a reason. It is our job as a community to work together to identify each others strengths and weaknesses and position each person to where they best are of use to sustain a consistent, respectable and prosperous environment.  


We aim to open a Community/Transitional Housing Center in Chicago that addresses the needs of the community to reduce violent crime, homelessness, hunger, abuse, neglect & unemployment by 2023.


TPSH empowers individuals to overcome the distresses of emotional trauma and intimate everyday challenges by assessing their unique perceptions and introducing them to techniques and concepts they can use to protect themselves from destructive people, heal their grudges, learn to achieve happiness and finally take control of their future.


  • Youth Expose To Gang Activity 

  • Children/Adult of Abusive Parents  

  • Neglected Children of Overworked Parents

  • Victims of Sexual Assault

  • Trafficking Victims 

  • The Homeless/Hungry

  • Unemployed Spouses of Unfaithful Partners

  • Witnesses of Horrific Crimes

  • Bullied/Harassed Youth

  • Children/Adults of Alcoholic/Drug Addicted Parents 


Sometimes all a person needs is for someone to help them understand who they are. TPSH believes providing resources, acknowledgment, friendship, guidance and support is the best assistance anybody can receive. In such a cruel and unforgiving world everyone is just looking for the easy way through it and its easy to become overwhelmed by it all and turn to self-destructive things. Our founder understands first hand some people cannot endure traditional methods of medicine and counsel. Our focus is to provide a non-judgmental environment that allows people to express and discover their own skills, capabilities, strengths and independence via alternative methods of healing, understanding and inspiration.


In 2016 TPSH was founded by Kassandra Angelica Rosado during a long journey of self-discovery. Since a child her life was filled with pain and misdirection. Her long road to recovery and near death experiences in Chicago have equipped her mentally, spiritually, and emotionally with a desire to never let another person get as far as she did in their suffering and her pain has prepared her to fight for the people she cares about in a way nobody fought for her.

Help Us Make A Difference!

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