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Here's what to look forward to:


Where the anonymous can send in malicious people to be featured in our gallery such as Pharmaceutical CEO, Martin Shkreli for hiking the cost of life saving meds, or even dead beat parents. We believe if positive recognition can make a good leader great than negative recognition can pressure an immoral person into improvement. 




Our recreational projects were created as a movement to occupy our youth's time with positive, productive activities provided by TPSH fundraising events and community organizing that are at no cost to our kids. Efforts such as installing neighborhood sporting equipment and teams, creating neighborhood summer camps, creating a community newsletter to keep everyone on the same page and so much more will be implemented.



- Employment and housing guidance for the homeless and trafficked.

-Community Cleanups 

-School Supply Giveaways

-Neighborhood Support Groups

-Puppy Visitation For Kids

+Much More!

See what we got going on now!

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