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Transitional Housing and Community Center Design & Mission

The Public Society of Humanity's Transitional Housing and Community Center project was inspired after extensive experience working with troubled youth in the city, sex trafficking victims & the homeless with Compassion to the Rescue & The Puerto Rican Project. The Directors of those organizations shared with me the repeated causes of relapse in the rehabilitation of these extreme cases and they are disturbingly similar with cases of my own in the aspect of environment and trauma. Most cases that are caused by trauma are never recovered if the individual stays in the same damaging environment or mentality that fostered the destructive behavior to begin with.


From abused teens trying to flush away their pain of feeling lost to young women manipulated into selling their bodies by a man they believe loves them, TPSH recognizes the human feelings that fuel bad decisions in life and we are on a mission to give people the understanding and opportunities they've been craving for. From job training and placement, family therapy, housing assistance, childcare, and much more the transitional center will help you transform your life! Equipped with a work-out room, beauty department, dance studio, auditorium, workshops, computer room, spirituality dept & much more residents wont have a problem exploring their interests and functioning at their maximum.

"Through out my own spiritual awakening and near death experiences I've learned things the hard way and I wish somebody could have warned me away from certain decisions but nobody spoke up, nobody cared... I'm making an environment where people speak up and push each other to do good. An environment where we can speak about the things that we think will go away but never do. I want more than an environment actually, I want a family. & that is exactly what this facility will be. A place where people can learn who they are, what they are meant to be and how to accomplish becoming the best versions of themselves. No judgments, no financial pressure, no way to fail." -Kassandra Rosado

The 3rd floor will shelter the homeless and other emergency cases. They will be separated by gender and have their own personal rooms. They will be enrolled into TPSH's transitional programs (located on the 2nd fl) where they will be accessed by case managers to discover their strengths, triggers, motivations and interests. From there they will be entered into a 6 week in-house program that consists of counseling, health training, documentation assistance, doctor visit trips, goal planning, recreational activities, job training, housing assistance and more to fully transform their lives and gain independence and a fresh perspective on life. 

A series of entertainment events have been organized to fund the licensing, construction, operational costs and staff of this facility, you can learn more about that here. The community center is scheduled to be up and running by 2021. Currently we're looking for the zoning areas that will permit this unique kind of residential/commercial center, then we can move on to either finding a 3 story building that suits our needs or investing in the construction of a new property from scratch.

Want to donate to this mission? Click here! 

Do you believe in the transformation of our city? Volunteer your expertise!

We're depending on huge hearts like yours to join in on this life changing cause and make this mission a reality! 


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