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Join A Cause That Feeds Your Soul

Volunteer Project

We need all types of volunteers to help build TPSH! 


Theres plenty of space on the team to apply your strengths! We'll be creating good paying jobs soon so stick with us long enough and become a trusted member of our upcoming community center's staff.

Get Involved In Our Latest Project

Chicago's Got Talent! Fundraiser

The first of a series of events organized to fund the startup of the community center and help decrease the depression and violence outbreak in Chicago. Learn more about the talent show here. 

Volunteers we're looking for the show are:

  • Promo team members to help pass flyers & spread the word

  • Event Staff to help set up, clean up, and accommodate guests

  • Videographers/Editors

  • Photographers

  • DJs

Open Volunteer Positions

Event Positions include but are not limited to:

  • Show Hosts

  • Dancers

  • Hype Men

  • DJs

  • Cooks

  • Check-in Agents

  • Parking attendants

  • Servers

  • Bussers

  • Stage Setting Designers

  • Security 

Marketing Positions include but are not limited to:

  • Distribution members 

  • Writers/reporters/bloggers

  • Social Media/Communications Managers

  • Promoters 

  • Official Promo Team

  • Videographer/Photographer

  • Video Producer/Editor 

Office Positions include but are not limited to:

  • Advisory Board of Directors

  • Event planning assistants

  • E-product creators

  • Brand ambassadors

  • Website content manager

  • Counselors

  • Program Directors

  • Teachers

  • Attorneys

  • Architects

  • Contractors

  • Grant writers 

  • Accountants

  • Secretaries

  • Case Managers

Charity Positions include but are not limited to:

  • Writers to help spread TPSH's messages on this website.

  • People to Pickup Donations

  • People to Cook Meals For The Homeless

  • Volunteers to Help Cleanup Blocks (Contact us if you want help cleaning your neighborhood)

  • Collect/Donate Items to The Homeless/Poor (Clothes, Interview Wear, Blankets, Canned Food, Bus Passes etc)

  • People/Kids to make signs for our donation bins and cleanup projects

  • Adults/Teens to Lead Sports Teams For Young Kids

  • Adults/Teens to Lead Community Workshop

  • Contact Us if you have an idea for your community you need help jump starting!

What We Need Donations To Start:

  • Neighbor Surveillance Program

  • Fundraising Events (talent shows, block parties, music shows)

  • Neighborhood newsletter

  • Neighborhood cleanups (trash claws, garbage bags)

  • Sports teams (equipment)

  • Plus much more! 

Clothing Drive

 Clothing Drive For Chicago's Homeless

UPDATE: Congratulations to our winners Jen J. Who won a Thanksgiving turkey & Sha Vogelpohl who won a free tattoo by Angel Garcia for donating!

Don't Stop Donating!

Sign up here to arrange a pickup or by using the information on the image below.

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