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The Public Society Of Humanity


Sometimes all a person needs is for someone to help them understand who they are. TPSH believes providing resources, acknowledgment, friendship, guidance and support is the best assistance anybody can receive. In such a cruel and unforgiving world everyone is just looking for the easy way through it and its easy to become overwhelmed by it all and turn to self-destructive things. Our founder understands first hand some people cannot endure traditional methods of medicine and counsel. Our focus is to provide a non-judgmental environment that allows people to express and discover their own skills, capabilities, strengths and independence via alternative methods of healing, understanding and inspiration.

Who We Relate To The Most:


  • Youth exposed to gang activity 

  • Children/adult of abusive parents  

  • Neglected children/adults of overworked parents

  • Victims of sexual assault

  • Trafficking victims 

  • The homeless/hungry

  • Unemployed spouses of unfaithful partners

  • Domestic abuse victims

  • Witnesses of horrific crimes

  • Bullied/harassed youth or adults

  • Children/adults of alcoholic and/or drug addicted parents 

  • Those who have lost someone close to them

  • Those suffering from anxiety and depression

  • And many more similar cases

Note: We are not mental health professionals and encourage you to seek professional care in any case of emergency. Here's our full disclaimer.

What We Can Do For You

TPSH empowers individuals to overcome the distresses of emotional trauma and intimate everyday challenges by recognizing their unique perceptions and introducing them to techniques and concepts they can use to protect themselves from destructive people, control their reactions, overcome their darkness, learn to achieve happiness and finally take control of their future.

We appreciate you for choosing us and taking the brave move to self-improvement! We know you will be very satisfied for what we have in store for you and are looking forward to your call! Book a free 30 minute session with Kassandra Rosado by completing the contact form below. Shes guided dozens of people our of their darkness and is proud to say they have all shown such a drastic improvement through out their treatment with her!

Hi! I'm Kassandra Rosado but you can call me K. I'm looking forward to working with you!
Learn more about me here.

Before We Begin,

Are We A Good Fit? 

There are thousands of other consultants. coaches. trainers, practitioners and healers out there with amazing skills in different areas of expertise before we begin I want to know if we are on the same page. My healing techniques are very unique. Empathetic and intuitive yet challenging, powerful and most importantly effective. I am unlike any other mentor you have ever experienced and I am looking for people who appreciate the type of encouragement and commitment I provide. I want you to benefit the most from this experience so with that being said, check out the list below to make sure we're the right fit for each other. 

 You'll see results working with me if:

  • You feel stuck in your life

  • Are desperate for a change 

  • Need a new beginning 

  • Want to feel loved and respected by family and friends 

  • Dont know where to start

  • You feel like you've hit rock bottom 

  • You want to learn how to not hate/fear others

  • You want freedom to live the way you want

  • You don't feel traditional lifestyles are for you (Day jobs, school, etc)

  • You appreciate an honest opinion/guidance

  • You refuse to open up about what you're dealing with

  • If you have no desire to work towards solutions

  • You're not interested in practicing new skills 

  • You are not open minded to new ideas and techniques

  • You cannot stick to commitments

  • You aren't honest with your emotions

  • You aren't willing to forgive others 

Consultation Form

We probably won't vibe well together if:

Don't get discouraged if you think we won't click, there's still so much you can do to prepare yourself on your own before we work together. Check out our about us page to learn about our missions, values and philosophies.

If you think you're a great match and are excited to transform your life, complete the form to the above right so we can get acquainted first with a free 30 min introductory call or directly checkout below and I'll contact you to get started!

TPSH's Success Stories

"I feel so much better now. Thanks for putting me on spiritual check."

Jacqueline Hoyos
Intuitive Healer

"Thank you for being there for a broken friend."

Sused Zamudio
Full Time Student

"You were a light in my darkest times, you helped bring me out of there."

Mary Harris
Telepathic Empath

"You've really made my life more positive even when I don't see the positivity in myself."

Ashley Aviles
Teachers Assistant

I know the last thing you need is another bill to worry about so I made some convenient discount packages for you.

The more you invest in yourself the more valuable your package gets!

See ya soon!   

Beginner Sessions

$25 30 minute session


$45 60 minute session

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Fighter Package - 1 mo.

$150 ($30 Savings!)


-4 weekly sessions

Max 60 minutes

-Free email support

-Access to private Facebook support group

-Valid for 6 months from booking date

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Warrior Package - 3 mo. 

$400 ($50 savings!)


-12 weekly sessions

Max 60 minutes

-Payment plan option

-Free email support

-Access to private Facebook support group

-Valid for 6 months from booking date

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Survivor Package - 6 mo.

$700 ($100 savings!)

-24 weekly sessions 

Max 60 minutes

-Payment plan option 

-Unlimited email support

-Access to private Facebook support group

-Valid for 1 year from booking date

Enlightenment Package - 1 Year

 $1200 ($200 savings!)


-48 weekly sessions

Max 60 minutes

-Payment plan option 

-Unlimited email support

-Access to private Facebook support group

- Valid for 2 years from booking date

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1 Year VIP Ascension Package 



-48 weekly sessions

Max 75 minutes

-Payment plan option 

-Unlimited email support

-Access to private Facebook support group

-Complimentary daily journal to collect

ideas for next sessions

-The ability to call me anytime between

11:00am to 9:00pm 5 days a week

if anything should happen.

-Valid for 3 years from booking date

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Found what package is best for you?

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