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4 Things to Be Aware Of Before Believing Anything From The Internet. ☑

  • SOURCE: Is the company hosting the article trustworthy? Who created the website/company? Do they lean more towards positivity & education or drama and headlines? Who pays them? Who are their sponsers/investors/associates? Are they associated with any big corporations or politicians?

  • AUTHOR: Is the writer of the article established as a trusted source of information or are they just giving a misguided opinion? Why did they start writing? Who are they working for?

  • INFORMATION: Is what the AUTHOR saying feel moralistic? Are they speaking in prejudice, aggression or greed? What are they trying to convince you of? How are they benefiting from giving you information?

  • CONCLUSION - Are they giving you resources to better yourself at the end of their article? Or did they just create anger or panic without giving knowledge of how to improve that situation?

Always be aware of who is giving you information & what their intention is. Without doing this you may never know who is feeding you lies just for their own benefit. Most mainstream media is controlled by 1% corporations that hire media writers to slander the reputations of their competitors so we no longer follow our hearts but our fears because of their influence. Also, smaller media outlets copy bigger outlets article releases trying to get that "got new topic" to their readers first to drive traffic/revenue to their websites before other sites do so even though they are not connected to these motives directly they unknowingly contribute to spreading lies. ALWAYS question who is trying to make you fear something.

With Love,

The Public Society of Humanity.

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