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This Has Killed More People Than Police Ever Have!

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

To pull a trigger and take a life means a human being has lost themselves. They feel the need to destroy anything that challenges them, they feel the need to prove themselves to anybody who will praise them. But why? Why are people so fueled by their ego? Why do people feel the need to live up to others expectations? Because we are HUMAN and we just want acceptance and support, whether that be good or bad. But If those expectations are positive yet intangible then they will NOT be achieved. Give a man a gun and tell him to shoot to "prove himself" and its just that easy to be a criminal AND LOVE the glory of it without considering the consequences. We must provide an easier way for our youth to obtain glory and praise and be sensitive to the history that makes them the way they really are. To say "get over it" or "its not that serious" is ignoring basic human psychology. Many do not want to admit it (or even realize it) but trauma in their lives have effected their mental stability. Which is the reason why they don't feel its wrong. Take a man's necessities away from him and its his human nature that will take it back, even if that means by force. But under the law, he will be punished regardless of his reasons and need for survival. But who is punishing those who steal this man's opportunity to earn it himself. Who ties the carrot to the end of a fishing line and strings the man along until exhaustion hits and he finally convinces himself its impossible to obtain? People must remember in low income households there is more that contributes to the pain and fuels the anger of these people than the average middle/1st class america. From being raped, kidnapped, molested, abused (emotionally, physically and mentally) in unprotected/neglectful households to starving because they cant afford food, witnessing siblings abused and they cant do anything about it, parents breaking up, parents/siblings getting murdered or ill, unable to afford proper medical attention and being provided with neglectful teachers that provide a poor educational environment, bullying and so much more, these people literally have been born into a soul's hell on earth. Not to mention the prejudice, racism and insecurity these people feel due to never learning how to cope with the abuse or to learn how to brush people's ignorant criticisms off. The least likely to prosper will be the children trained to be in a gang since birth, they are desensitized to remorse and compassion and the perfect killers to be used in these gangs. 

Most are too busy trying to escape their internal issues to even think about learning how to heal themselves of it. Its an inconceivable idea to them. Besides the neighborhoods, environments and people around them make it extremely difficult to grow when "being tough" is the only way to survive. Everywhere our youth turn they are surrounded by sex and violence, they just want to be at peace and be loved and most suffer greatly looking for this in the wrong places and people. Causing dysfunctional relationships and further damaging the souls of those that have already been broken since children. We must find ourselves and love ourselves first before we can try to love others but this is a lesson many never learn. Many reject any notion of "love" due either from heartbreak, abandonment, abuse or neglect, they know love can make you vulnerable and in a society where people are ridiculed for any expression of weakness; that includes "love", there is no way these people could be anything other than a "monster" rejecting all forms of assistance and compassion just to survive. They dont want to be victims anymore so they become the predator. They glorify being "savages" and having "no love". In the streets your arrest record is like your RESUME proving that you wont take ANYONE trying to victimize you again. But that mentality will lead to your ego and pride blinding you and leading you down a very hard path to come back from. To make these kids take a new path we must lead by example, we must take the time to show them they're really people out there who WILL take the time to ensure their safety and prosperity. Who will stand on the corner and protect these kids as they play. Who will fight for the rehabilitation of our schools so kids have the vocabulary and emotional intelligence/awareness to comprehend how to get hired for a job, contribute to their communities and earn their way in life, who will demand our government finally provide the insurance these kids need for therapy? Especially after their first arrest? 

When a drug dealer makes IN ONE DAY more than 3 times what an american worker makes working 40 hours a week, there really is no other incentive to better themselves. All they need is consumers to survive and in a neighbor hood full of the same mentalities that are all trying to escape reality with sedatives, it wont be that hard to achieve. This contributes to drug addicts, overdoses, sex trafficking and homelessness. Which contributes to mental instability and abuse of close relationships when under the influence and the cycle of trauma and violence continue. If you want youth to evolve into better people we need to stop giving up on them. We need to stop generalizing them because of where they come from or their skin color.

WE ARE ALL HUMAN and we all need the same nurturing. They are not truly monsters, just very lost souls trying to find their purpose in such a cold superficial world that makes it seem like there's is no other way to live. The world is not against them and we have to remind them of their potential and show them they're other environments out there that will reward them and make them feel accepted and so much better than the negative temporary distractions that end up permanently damaging their futures. To jail these souls, are only adding fuel to the fire of injustice they already feel the world has cursed them with. Coming from someone who once upon a time lived that life, I know how it feels to lose hope and just accept this is the cruel world we face and we must be the cruelest to survive, but we are not animals and we have a conscious that will be the cause of the death of our sanity for every soul we've harmed during the times we were lost or conquered by this evil and suppressed mentality. We have to heal them (and ourselves) from the trauma they didn't ask for and we need to guide them from making wrong decisions in the heat of confusion, pain and spite. This is the only way people will heal and the shootings will decrease. To continue to deny this truth is only making this army of lost souls stronger with anger and confirmation the world does not care, so why should they? . We need to reevaluate how we approach trying to solve this epidemic. Lets start by recognizing each other as lost souls that need intuitive intelligence to guide us to new ways of life. Until my last breath on this earth I will not lose faith in Humanity. 

#OpenOurEyes #OpenOurHearts

- Kassandra Rosado of The Public Society Of Humanity

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