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Welcome to The Public Society of Humanity, Everything You Need To Know.

Updated: Apr 9, 2018

The TPSH blog was created in 2017 by Kassandra Angelica Rosado to introduce the concepts and beliefs of The Public Society of Humanity to the world. Coming from the south side of Chicago in pure chaos and violence I grew up around a lot of good people making irreversible mistakes just trying to find out who they really were and where they belong. People who were labeled criminals and "evil" became just every day people I would meet, get to know and eventually hang out with sooner or later growing up in the same neighborhood as them for over a decade. I didn't know them as criminals I knew them as people who were struggling just like me.

See, unlike most people I never could let go of the dreams and hopes I was born with, and unfortunately where I was raised good nature isn't very accepted. My neighborhood was a place everybody went to to escape the hells they lived with at home. From abusive step parents to neglectful parents, to not having parents at all... it wasn't easy coming from where I came from. So I had in depth experience with knowing how emotional trauma can dominate someones mind and entire life. Great guys I went to school with became senseless egotistical gang bangers and the girls became their unappreciated run down properties. Even I became gang affiliated and learned the ins and outs of what that lifestyle does to you and what you have to go through to survive it.

Being a primarily hispanic minority, I've witnessed our culture create very prideful men and very stubborn women which have destroyed each other time and time again. As I grew and interacted with different races for the first time, I seen the similarities between them and my own culture and I realized this actually isn't a racial issue, it is a low income issue. The struggle of not being able to live a sustainable life has a major impact on our attitude, self confidence and mental stability.

I had a great sorrow in my soul as I seen beautiful people so damaged by people they trusted then continue the cycle of abuse onto anyone that gets close to them because of these first traumas and resentments. Myself at the time included in this horrible pattern.

I analyze my life in great detail always comparing it to what I've felt in my heart since I was born and I knew something was very wrong.

When 9/11 hit, I seen this sorrow spread globally and soon after rage. As the conspiracy theories spread so did the doubt in the government and unfortunately ourselves. As a teenager that was barely learning of certain intelligences such as the CIA and FBI while witnessing police brutality on TV, towards my friends, family and to myself personally, it became very overwhelming to deal with over time and created a horrible anxiety inside of me. To some, these situations may seem juvenile but I assure you they are just one of the many issues that trigger people of low-income and low education that really don't know any better. I've come to understand that there is certain information that has failed to be provided to us minorities. This lack of knowledge and guidance has caused many people to have breakdowns and go down a long road of depression, drug addiction, homelessness, gang affiliation, domestic violence, victimization, and so much more self-destructive behavior.

I chose my organization's name in spirits of shining a new light and helping people overcome the fear of conspiracy theories and an "elite control" over us. Unlike secret societies, The Public Society of Humanity was created by the people, for the people, based on autodidactism (self-education) and common moral values. Communication, love, integrity, understanding, honesty and humanity. TPSH is a safe and protected environment to treat others how you would like to be treated, where you will always be defended and supported. I was just so sick of the suicides, overdoses, violent crimes and all the murders in my community, I knew it had to stop. The self-conflict that is created in a person by feeling their future is in the hands of people who could care less about them, paired with their own personal traumas creates an extreme psychological problem that directly effects the neighborhoods that they live in and the people in it. Diagnosing them and medicating them is not enough.

It seems for people who aren't born into wealth, we are forced to focus on what we don't want before we can focus on our dream of who we can be. We waste our life mistaking what we can buy with real achievements we can truly feel satisfied with. Maybe it's just a generational thing but we've learned to love our independence. Most of our parents worked so hard they were never there for us or misunderstood us so much we left home to avoid conflict, so that left us with plenty of time to discover the world on our own. Little did I know that at that time, my independence was actually neglect masked as freedom & as I got older I started to notice, so was everybody else's.

As everybody I knew either conformed or broke down living a life that didn't satisfy them, I couldn't endure taking the same route. I admit I tried, but nothing I did aligned with who I was inside. I broke away from my childhood friends, I dropped out of high school because it was only a battleground of survival for me instead of a place to learn the way it should've been and started to get into dysfunctional relationships. My whole life went down hill as I recovered from substance abuse and attempting to commit suicide. I started a new life dedicated to self-discovery and trying to not let the world control me or anyone in it.

At first, I focused on my money. But even a job that made me feel like I was somebody, just felt..unsatisfying. I needed to make more of a difference, so my first attempt was feeding the homeless. But as my hunger revisited everyday I knew that my once a week dinners, could only do so much and to really help these guys I would have to step it up a couple notches. Coming from what I came from and seeing for myself the damage poverty causes, how would someone ever pass an interview if they couldn't get past their own demons one moment to express why they would be a good fit for a job? I couldn't be oblivious to these common issues that demand being prioritized the way other people that just judge them do. Providing for these people cost money, a lot of money, too much for just me to take on alone so I started to devise a plan.

In 2013 my sister introduced me to an affiliate network and to a whole new world of making money online, breaking me away from the traditional draining 9-5 job cycle most people are locked into everyday. But earning commissions individually seemed too time consuming to me, after all I was trying to keep people from starving on the streets! So i dove into rigorous research and learned web design and how to get my business opportunity in front of thousands of people at a time via marketing and online advertisements. With constant mentoring and multiple failures, 3 years later I chose to abandon focusing my investments into other people's products, ideas and brands and decided to create some for myself. Thus The Public Society of Humanity was born.

Since a child I've always wanted to help people and after my own rebirth I reflected on everyday of my life to accumulate what I think to be the best methods to unite the community and help decrease crime based on statistics, my personal experiences, spiritual guidance and common psychology. If you have faith in Humanity and believe that if we unite we can make an impact then you have faith in The Public Society of Humanity. I was raised in a pretty non-religious home even though I was baptized catholic. My mother told me she lost faith in the church the day she realized her son suffered a traumatic head injury. She rushed to the church banging on their doors to baptize her son in fear he might not make it. They only opened them to inform her they could not help her because they do not perform ceremonies after hours. That story alone also made me lose faith in the church just as fast as it was told to me. I always had a love/hate relationship towards God. I blamed him for many things the average human blames him for like if He is so powerful why doesn't he eliminate all of the evil, pain and sickness in the world? But there was always a spiritual longing inside of me towards something beyond our planet. I craved to discover what this feeling was and who I was. So I started asking questions.

Thanks to the internet I could find out about whatever I wanted and I could find millions of others who have already researched, written about and have expertise on the exact subject I am interested in. Dropping out of college due to family issues had a huge impact on my self confidence so the fact I had a tool I could utilize to educate me beyond an institution was truly a relief during this confusing transition in my life. I was worried that people wouldn't take me seriously because to the world I was an uneducated former drug addict from the streets that could barely save herself let alone others. I knew I had to make myself somebody before I could ask for help and share my vision. I decided to make my weakness my strengths and pour everything I had on the line to show others your experience can be your expertise and your survival can be your credibility.

TPSH believes everyone has a place in this world and theres a way we can all apply our talents to help better it. To every crisis, there is a way to improve the situation. People who have lost a loved one can be mentoring those who are about to or already have recently. Retired gang members should be paid to mentor young members to get them off the streets or start their own programs doing this. Single mothers can run a program to go on big play dates together to increase socializing. The homeless could be watchmen over the neighborhoods that feed them as we help them find jobs and a place to live. People who love to cook can feed the hungry and poor or even start their own home business or dining events. Former drug addicts can go to health facilities and share their story to current addicts to strengthen their recoveries and their own speaking resumes. We could compile a list of good paying companies that hire felons or don't require degrees to work in for people who cant afford college. Teenagers can run youth programs in the community to keep kids off the street, I can go on and on and on of all the possibilities.

I've dedicated my website and organization to teaching people how to break away from their traumas,grudges, anxieties and pain and give themselves a new voice and new future. I aim to show people where they can be of most use and or how to create their own businesses or programs to make their dreams a reality. Everybody was born for a reason and at TPSH we understand what keeps you from harnessing this power and accessing your true potential. We will do the best we can to provide you with the most beneficial information, tools and services to help you on your journey. We congratulate you on this courageous decision and wish you the best on your self-discovery.

Here are some ways you can jump into action:

Thank you for believing in our mission and yourselves! Its time for a new beginning!

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