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Where to find food, shelter and more services to survive using the internet

The basic human needs provided on our website are food (including water), shelter/clothing, medical insurance (including vision and dental), employment, transportation, rehabilitation/therapy, education and leisure/socializing. We stand by this highly as the stepping stones needed to transform someone's lifestyle and mentality from survival mode to productivity, achievement and happiness.

Some of the worst situations in America are due to lack of guidance and lack of basic resources such as food, showers, clothing, protection and support. We aim to open the doors for all individuals and give them access to these resources. We want to ensure that even if someone doesn't know where to help themselves someone not far does.

The Public Society of Humanity helps individuals in Chicagoland individually as we are more familiar with the area but if you are outside of our service area you can start your search by going to and entering the type of shelter you're interested in and the area code you are in, for example: "Family Shelter 60641". If you have no idea the area code you are in you can also search for "Where am I right now" in the google search bar and your current address will pop up with the area code. When you search for a shelter a list of the nearest shelters will display. There are also domestic violence and abuse shelters for victims of those type of crimes and you can also visit

Most shelters are temporary but have resources to getting you permanent and/or supportive housing. They also provide meals during your stay and once entered into a program (which is more than likely mandatory) they will also provide a case manager to help you with setting goals for your future, learning how to protect yourself from those are no good for you and if you have any questions about the entire general process. Most programs include health services, free transportation services, employment and education services and therapeutic services, a full system to help you hit the ground running once you get back up on your feet.

We advise you to put any insecurity or paranoia to the side and to search relentlessly for help as there are many programs in the country who focus and are funded vigorously to provide these services to you and ensure your success with them. As long as you have a burning desire to make your life better there are programs with the same burning desire to help you get there! Please email and we will be happy to assist you on your search for these resources no matter your location. Good luck to you and your journey! We wish you the best!

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